How to Teach a Shy Dog to Sit

Teaching a shy dog how to sit can be a challenging task, but with patience and a gentle approach, it is achievable. Here are some steps that you can follow to teach your shy dog how to sit.

Building Trust with Your Shy Dog

The first step in teaching a shy dog how to sit is to build trust. Shy dogs may be hesitant to interact with new people or try new things. Therefore, it is essential to establish a positive and comfortable environment for your dog.

Spend Some Time

Spend some time with your dog, offering treats and petting to build trust. Approach your dog slowly and calmly, giving them time to get used to your presence. It is important to avoid any sudden movements or loud noises that could startle your dog.

Creating a Positive Association with Sitting

The next step in teaching a shy dog how to sit is to create a positive association with sitting. Use treats or toys to lure your dog into a sitting position. Praise your dog when they successfully sit and reward them with a treat. This process helps your dog understand that sitting is a positive behavior.

Repeat the Command

Once your dog has successfully associated the action of sitting with the reward, add a verbal command such as “sit” or “sit down.” Repeat the command each time you use the lure to encourage your dog to sit. It is important to use a consistent command to avoid confusion.

Gradually Phase out the Lure

Once your dog is consistently responding to the verbal command, begin phasing out the use of the lure. Start by using the lure less frequently and gradually decrease its use until your dog responds to the command alone. This process helps your dog understand that sitting is a command, not just a response to a treat.

Practice in Different Settings

Practice the “sit” command in different locations and situations to help your dog generalize the behavior. This will help your dog understand that the command applies in different contexts. For example, you can practice in a quiet room, a busy park, or even on a walk.


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