Micro Bully Dog: A Complete Guide to Size – Weight & More

The park was bustling with activity as people walked their beloved pets, from poodles to pit bulls. Amongst the mix was something unexpected yet equally desired: the Micro Bully. This relatively new designer dog breed was already the talk of the town and it was easy to see why.

The Micro Bully aka the Exotic Bully, a miniature version of the established American Bully breed, was the pinnacle of canine perfection for those who craved the look of a bulldog but were overwhelmed by their size and weight. The Micro Bully was exquisite in its own way with its short stature, defined muscular build, and striking features.

Micro Bullies are not considered purebred breeds, however, they are chosen for their low energy needs, small size, and minimal maintenance prerequisites, just as their general friendliness. With appropriate preparation and plentiful playtime, these pooches build up a reputation for being vivacious and cherishing towards their owners and families.

Families with youngsters and other pets may discover these dogs accommodating sidekicks. Furthermore, they make incredible watchdogs, as well as being used to indicate their owner’s wealth and status.

What is a Pocket Bully?

The Micro Bully strain is actually a sub-variety of the Pocket Bully breed, which is a shrunken version of the American Bully breed. Male Pocket Bully weighs roughly 10 – 22 pounds and reaches a height of around 14-18 inches when mature. On the other hand, the female variant weighs around 10-20 pounds and their elevation is between 13 to 16 inches. The most prevalent colors for these canines are black, tan, white, and chocolate. The Pocket Bully is related to the Bully Pit, which is the combination of American Bulldog and American Pitbull.

What is a Micro Bully Dog?

This Micro Bully breed is a comparatively recent type of dogs in the United States that is getting ever more well-known among dog owners from all circles of life. The Micro Bully is a blend of the American Bully and the Patterdale Terrier. This breed is greatly sought after as they are attractive, clever, and amiable canines. A Micro Bully is a cross between a Pocket Bully and a Patterdale Terrier.

Micro Bully Size

The Micro Exotic Bully is referred to by a variety of names such as: Micro Exotic Bully Dog, Micro Exotic American Bulldog, American Bully Mini Exotic, etc. The height of a fully-grown Micro Bully varies from 13-17 inches. A pup of this breed is typically quite expensive, especially if it has a unique color pattern or prominent features. This breed lineages are highly sought after due to their beauty, intelligence, and compatibility as family pets.

Micro Bully Weight

This type of bully isn’t officially recognized and is hard to tell their exact weight. But they usually weigh around 19-21 pounds. Micro Bully stands less than 17 inches and considered to be a smaller version of a Pocket Bully.

Micro Bully Appearance

This bully boasts a compact, rigid fur in a range of types including black, blue, chocolate, and white. They can have blue or green eyes – just like the other Exotic Bully breeds. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of this breed is its big, square cranium with thick lips. Their ears can be trimmed or kept in their natural state.

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Unlike the majority of American Bullies, this breed’s physical characteristics give it a resemblance to a Pit Bull. They possess a powerful and muscular physique, a thick neck, a wide torso, and powerful hindquarters. Their tails may be either straight or curled. These bullies have short legs.

Micro Bully Temperament

As these Bullies appear quite energetic, they are far more relaxed than their Pit Bull counterparts with a bit of mental exercise. They relish playing and snuggling with their families and are great with kids. Under the guidance of an experienced owner, they can develop into a highly friendly dog.

Micro Bully Health Issues

Both the pocket Pitbull and the micro Pitbull are renowned for their strength. Nevertheless, no canine is invulnerable to medical problems. Here are some health issues that are fairly widespread in these breeds of pitbulls.

🔸Luxating Patella

A luxating patella leads to a canine’s kneecap becoming displaced. Although luxating patella is typically inherited, it can also be the result of a traumatic injury.

🔸Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia can bring about pain and restricted joint developments. If not properly treated, hip dysplasia can prompt arthritis. A canine with hip dysplasia has strange development of the hip joint. Muscle shrinking is another condition found in this condition.

🔸Skin problem

As with an XL Bully, this breed may at times be susceptible to skin issues such as hot spots or allergies. If your pup gets this problem, do consult with a medical expert.


Obesity has serious health repercussions in micro bully dog. Health concerns caused by obesity include respiratory difficulties, heart ailments, and joint issues.

Micro Bully Lifespan

A Micro Bully usually lives for around 10 to 13 years, but this can change depending on things like their genes, food, how much they exercise, and how well they’re taken care of.

To help your Micro Bully live a long and healthy life, you should give them good food, make sure they get enough exercise, and take them to see the vet regularly. You should also protect them from things that could hurt them like very hot or cold temperatures, things that are poisonous, and other animals that might be mean to them. If you take good care of your Micro Bully, they’ll be more likely to live longer and you can have lots of fun times together.

Micro Bully vs American Bully

Micro Pocket Bully is a pocket-sized version of the American Bully. This new breed was developed by cross-breeding smaller American Bullies. The smaller size was accomplished by breeding down from the American bully dog. This new American Bully Breed has many similarities to its antecedents.

Final Thoughts

Anyone seeking a pleasant, amiable canine with reasonable exercise requirements could be delighted with micro pitbull. These kinds of miniature pitbulls are especially suitable for senior people, small families, and busy couples.

Bullies are in demand these days due to their stunning physical characteristics, a seemingly infinite range of colors and patterns, and their remarkable temperaments and ability to be trained.

Their special qualities draw owners to search for this unique breed to join their household. They are also an extraordinary bully breed, which displays a lot of the valuable characteristics that are common in bully breeds.

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